U.S. Consultations on the Government Procurement for 5 delegates from the Training Center within the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic

October 30, 2017 - November 3, 2017

CLDP’s Michael Cofield and Yulia Melara facilitated U.S.-based Consultations on certification levels in procurement training on October 30 through November 3, 2017, in Washington, D.C. by hosting five delegates from the Training Center within the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic for visits and discussions with U.S. government, commercial, and academic providers of procurement training, as well as with practitioners involved in implementing public-private partnerships in the U.S. regarding procurement training, certification levels, and related matters.

Through these meetings and discussions, the visiting delegation examined the training for various certification levels with respect to content, duration of training, and faculty and saw training and instruction in process. They also discussed training and instruction program design, management, and implementation; considerations related to on-line and/or distance training; requirements for and approaches to continuing education; as well as the administrative issues at training centers.

The delegation learned about the qualification for and suspension of licenses for authorized third-party/commercial procurement training facilities. They met procurement practitioners and discussed how they carry out purchasing “on the ground,” the role training and certification levels have in the on-going purchasing processes, and the practitioners’ opinions on the applicability of the training they receive to their tasks.

The five delegates met the head of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships, as well as a CLDP attorney with extensive PPP experience, including to outline issues related to party and project screening and assessment, on-going risk management, and factors required for party success. The discussions emphasized the multi-discipline approach required to more fully implement PPP frameworks, as well as little-known but equally effective contractual alternatives to PPPs.

The consultations contributed to assisting the Kyrgyz Republic develop the capacity of its procurement officials and procurement trainers, increase the transparency and effectiveness of its government procurement and procurement training systems, open the procurement and PPP markets to a greater number of suppliers and potential participants, and decrease opportunities for corruption, waste, and mismanagement in government procurement.

Visiting Delegates at the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships
Visiting Delegates at the Defense Acquisition University

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