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November 2005

November 14, 2005 - November 18, 2005
CLDP experts assisted Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority(NTRA) in its efforts to create transparent and efficient dispute resolution procedures to handle disputes that will...
November 14, 2005 - November 18, 2005
Twelve representatives from the Moroccan leather industry and two repesentatives from the Moroccan Ministry of Commerce and Industry traveled to the United States to consult with U.S. government and...
November 7, 2005 - November 11, 2005
CLDP conducted a program for Ukrainian intellectual property officials. The program, entitled "U.S. Consultations on Intellectual Property Appellate Proceedings: Ukraine State Department of...
November 7, 2005 - November 11, 2005
CLDP held a four (4) day conference for representatives from the Angolan Ministry of Justice and the private sector to discuss the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices that may be used in...
November 5, 2005 - November 12, 2005
CLDP organized consultations in November 2005 in Washington, D.C. for a delegation of public and private sector experts and franchising stakeholders from Algeria.
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